Gutierrez: Obama Amnesty Delay Not Just or Fair

Gutierrez: Obama Amnesty Delay Not Just or Fair

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) expressed deep disappointment with President Barack Obama “playing it safe” by delaying an executive order to grant amnesty to up to 5 million illegal immigrants currently living inside the United States, saying this will not lead to “to fairness, or justice.”

Gutierrez said, “Playing it safe means walking away from our values and our principles. They’ve looked at polling in four or five states where there are not large Latino constituencies, and said that’s the way forward. Without thinking of the impact that that might have in other states, like Illinois, Colorado.” 

“Playing it safe might win an election, sometimes you lose an election. Also, it almost never leads to fairness, justice, and to good public policy you can be proud of.”

“While we wait until November, because that’s the president’s decision, there’s going to be another 60,000 people deported, There is pain and suffering in the community, and there is a lot of anguish and anger,” Gutierrez said.

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