Bob Woodward: Obama Has Completely Alienated Senate Democrats

Bob Woodward: Obama Has Completely Alienated Senate Democrats

On “Fox News Sunday,” The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward described what he called “one of the untold stories,” in Washington D.C., which is the “alienation between Obama and Senate Democrats” because according to Woodward “he is not engaged” and refuses to listen.

Woodward said, “Well, he’s got to engage in the process. and he is not engaged.”

He continued, “For instance on Tuesday he’s going to have the congressional leaders down to the White House. Is it going to be everyone states their point of view and the meeting lasts an hour, maybe two hours? He needs to have some head to head discussions with people.”

“The president needs to learn to listen,” Woodward said. “These people have points of view and there are ways to work. I mean, he won’t do a deal on lots of things. This is something — this is a serious ISIS, serious national security threat. Talk to the intel people and they are trembling about it, and so it’s not something you can just do all by yourself. You need to get the congress and you need to get the public involved.”

“What’s interesting is how out of touch the White House is with the Senate Democrats,” he added. “One of the untold stories here is the alienation between Obama and Senate Democrats. They meet and they talk, but you talk to people who are there and they say there isn’t much communication.”

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