Gulf Cartel Cell Threatened Voters to Support Mexican Border State Governor-Elect

Gulf Cartel in political campaign
Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles

A fearsome narco-terrorist with a history of using car bombs has been outed along with his criminal organization for playing a key role in electioneering for an incoming Mexican border state governor. The Gulf Cartel cell tried to disguise itself in the past by claiming to be a self-defense group.

This week, the head of Mexico’s Army, General Luis Crescencio Sandoval, made a presentation about recently arrested domestic drug lords and mentioned Octavio “El Profe or Tarzan” Leal Moncada, the leader of the Armed Column Pedro J. Mendez. The commander added that the group led by Moncada was tied to the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas.

State authorities arrested Moncada in Monterrey on warrants out of Tamaulipas, accusing him of a double murder in his hometown of Hidalgo — the base of operations of the Pedro J. Mendez Armed Column. Moncada remains in a state jail without bond. The crime lord has a history of using car bombs.

The outing caused added political controversy since the country’s ruling party, Morena, held meetings with the Column as it became a vocal supporter of its candidates. During the recent Tamaulipas gubernatorial election, Moncada and his group took a prominent role in publicly supporting Governor-Elect Americo Villarreal of Morena.

In videos shared on social media, Moncada can be seen ordering locals to vote for Morena or otherwise threatened violent repercussions.

In a similar fashion, another leading member of the Column was seen praising the Morena Party on a shared stage with Villarreal.

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