EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Rep. Mayra Flores: Democrats Want to Send Me Back to Mexico

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

A Latina Congresswoman from South Texas who was born in Mexico is fighting back against what she calls the “hypocrisy” of some Democrats who are calling for her to be deported after her recent special election.

Breitbart News recently had an interview in Spanish with Mayra Flores, a recently elected Congresswoman from Texas Congressional District 34 — a longtime Democrat stronghold.

“They want to send me back to Mexico,” Flores said, referring to comments she has received from Democrats. “Now they are saying ‘Deport Mayra’ — it is incredible, so much hypocrisy, really.”

Flores, a Republican, made national headlines in June when she became the first Mexican-born Latina to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. As a first-generation naturalized immigrant, Flores has been trying to rally a conservative Latino movement in an area that has been controlled for generations by Democrats.

“I was proudly born in Burgos, Tamaulipas, and I always say that with pride, because I am very proud of my people, where I come from, my culture,” Flores said.

The politician said her efforts to spread the message that Latinos are conservative by nature has earned criticism from political rivals.

“[Democrats] claim to be in favor of immigrants but they don’t want us on top, they don’t want us in Washington,” Flores said. “We will support you but stay down here … be obedient, do what I’m telling you.”

In 2010, Flores walked away from the Democrat Party after realizing that the movement did not support her ideals.

“I got tired of the Democratic Party pulling a wool over our eyes because they have been doing so for decades,” she said. “Also, I realized that they did not stand up for the values — values that to me are very important and I am not willing to set them aside for any political party such as family values and God.”


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