Davis Attack Ad Deliberately Misleads Voters, Just to Slam Abbott Again

Davis Attack Ad Deliberately Misleads Voters, Just to Slam Abbott Again

DALLAS, Texas — Democratic gubernatorial challenger Sen. Wendy Davis is proving that behind the blonde hair are left wing roots itching to attack her opponent, GOP front runner Greg Abbott, at any cost, even if it is with bum info from her ticket mate Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio), and even if that info was debunked months ago by the Austin American-Statesman’s PolitiFact Texas.

On September 4, candidate Wendy uploaded a :30 second Youtube rhetorical tirade.


The attack ad titled “Court,” blames Abbott for public education financing before moving onto an onscreen quote attributed to the San Antonio Express News on May 13, 2014. It’s only a excerpted sentence fragment that flashes on thescreen.

It reads “…Abbott’s call for standardized tests to assess pre-K students…” with a tentative piano trickling in the background to affect a mood for the visual of a little blonde girl stranded alone through the film noir-esque lens of classroom desks. A gentle man’s voiceover ponders, “Abbott’s proposing giving standardized tests to four year-olds. Heard enough?”

Amusingly, Davis’ wild claim is not even her own. It came from Van de Putte, who is vying for the Lt. Governor seat against Tea Party favorite, Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston).

Breitbart Texas has followed how the two ladies continue to keep the lies alive even though PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter exposed this particular falsehood months ago. Davis posted the claim that “Under Greg Abbott four-year olds would be forced to undergo standardized tests” on April 22, 2014. In response, the respected fact-checkers investigated, responding that “Greg Abbott plan doesn’t mandate standardized testing of four year-olds…”

However, it was on April 7, that Van de Putte  who originally and recklessly accused Abbott of testing four year olds at an Austin ISD elementary school press conference, which Breitbart Texas reported.

Then, a week before the attack ad, on August 25, Davis brought the lie to the light of day once again at a Houston elementary school, which Breitbart Texas reported.

In response to Davis’ viciousness, Texans for Greg Abbott Deputy Communications Director Amelia Chasse chose not to look over her shoulder at Davis other than to tell Breitbart Texas, “Greg Abbott put forth a substantive, detailed set of reforms that will make Texas first in the nation in education, as opposed to the talking points and rhetoric we’ve seen from Sen. Davis that contain few details, have no price tag and will make government bigger.”

Chasse was referring to Abbott’s college plan, previously introduced on September 2 at the University of Texas at Dallas.

In stark contrast on September 5, Abbott released his own Educating Texans – Higher Education 1 minute campaign video.


The video overviews the final component of his education platform. The online spot examines how if  Texas is to continue to lead the nation in job creation, how it must, in turn, also lead the nation from preK-4 to 12 to college and beyond.

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