Fighting for ISIS is no reason to keep someone out of the country, huh?

I guess Obama’s “pen and phone” don’t work when it comes to blindingly obvious no-brainer decisions that would protect Americans from terrorists.  This should be one of the biggest “well, duh!” initiatives in history – you’re on a no-fly, no-entry list as an enemy combatant the instant you leave to fight with ISIS, with a process conducted overseas to resolve complaints that this judgment has been rendered in error.  (Let’s be fair and stipulate that the face-plant Big Government that brought us ObamaCare is going to get a few of these cases wrong, so there has to be some mechanism for appeals, but keep the suspect individual in a holding pattern outside our borders until it’s resolved.)

But once again, there’s not a smidgen of leadership from former President Barack Obama, whose eagerness to sweep everyone and their brother (and parents, and grandparents, and uncles and aunts…) across the border makes it ideologically impossible for him to use executive action against people who are declared enemies of the United States.  He might have punted on amnesty for illegals until after the election, but he’s still not sure about letting ISIS combat veterans back onto American soil.  Wouldn’t want to make any “insensitive” rash statements about those folks, would we?  It’s not as if they’re anyone truly dangerous, like Tea Party activists.

So we turn to Senator Cruz for common-sense leadership.  It’ll be fun listening to those who oppose his bill offer their variations on Jen Psaki’s insistence that revoking citizenship for members of the Head-Choppers’ Volunteer Auxiliary Brigade isn’t a “black and white” decision.  And remember, not only is every returning member of ISIS a national-security threat that likely received some form of military and terrorist training, but they’ll be bringing ISIS ideology home with them, spreading it through their communities and looking for more disaffected young people to recruit, using exciting stories about their exploits abroad as Soldiers of Allah.

It’s amazing what issues motivate Obama to declare the Constitution null and void, requiring his immediate imperial action because Congress isn’t moving fast enough to get whatever he wants done… and which are hazy grey areas in which the Executive Branch is either torpid, or helpless because of some sub-paragraph in an old law they’re reading incorrectly, like the way Administration hacks keep insisting the William Wilberforce Act prevents them from deporting the Central American wave of illegal aliens, even though it says no such thing.

Returning ISIS jihadis are already a problem in the UK, which has at least 500 people under arms for the Islamic State.  Some of them are whining that they want to come home now, because jihad isn’t as much fun as they thought, and they don’t like getting sucked into internal disputes between feuding factions in Syria.  As Michelle Malkin would say: Boo freakin’ hoo.  The message should be sent loud and clear to every former UK and US citizen who heads overseas to fight for the Islamic State: you’ll never live in the countries you abandoned again, or even be allowed to visit them.  That thought should weigh very heavily upon the minds of everyone ISIS tries to recruit.

Of course, this all purely theoretical anyway, because there’s nothing stopping American ISIS recruits from catching a plane into Central America, slipping a few bucks to a halfway-decent coyote smuggler, and strolling back across the border.  They could probably do it while wearing their jihad uniforms and carrying the black ISIS banner over their heads.


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