Tragedy to Travesty to Distraction

I begin with the obvious that the death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy. He didn’t deserve to die based on what we know. The other tragedy is the upheaval of the life of George Zimmerman. I don’t believe that he wanted this to be a circumstance in his life. Who among us would?

The travesty played out in the ensuing months. This is not a right vs. left issue. Both sides need to stop this. Outside interests, political players, the race grievance lobby and outraged but unknowing Americans of all ethnicities did more than weigh in on what should have remained a local law enforcement and justice system event. 

Distraction has been the result of tragedy and travesty combined. Some of the distraction has been deliberate, some by the nature of the human condition. However important every life is, there are many challenges facing our country larger than any one of us. America must refocus on the economy, energy policy, national security, political scandals / investigations and issues at the state and local level that affects  negatively our daily lives. These are issues that will affect future generations negatively. 

Let the parents grieve. Let the community of Sanford, FL choose their own path to solutions or none at all. The bigger danger to America is real and it cares little for the death of one young man.


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