Liberal Alan Grayson, Who Targeted Sarah Palin, Now Targets Republican Jorge Bonilla

Everyone’s favorite liberal mouthpiece, Alan Grayson, took a shot at his Republican rival in next year’s mid term elections

 Here is what Grayson said today:

  Curiously, Jorge Bonilla, who formed his campaign committee in June, did not file a return according to the Federal Election Commission website.  His failure to file indicates that he may have raised little or nothing in campaign contributions. –Alan Grayson

  Grayson says Bonilla failed to file, but according to Bonilla’s campaign, the FEC filing was filed in adherence to FEC’s filing requirements.

  Bonilla just put out a snarky statement calling out Grayson for his false statement as being “yet another in an endless string of lies, half-truths and material misrepresentations.”  Bonilla statement concludes with a  jab at Grayson’s  2012 car accident, where he ran a red light and hit a City of Orlando Lynx bus, causing two people to be taken to the hospital.

  Here is the Bonilla release:  

 Once again, Congressman Alan Grayson defames and falsely attacks those whom he has identified as having the best chance of defeating him in the upcoming general election.

  The Bonilla campaign does not accommodate Grayson’s press shop’s need for early reporting figures from his opponents. Statements alleging a failure to file are yet another in an endless string of lies, half-truths and material misrepresentations.  Our filing, which adheres to FEC filing requirements, will report $16 720 raised over three weeks, and will reflect the beginnings of a consensus candidacy.

 The donations made to our campaign will reflect Americans from all walks of life.  The incumbent would be well-served to stay in his lane. Having fleeced his liberal rank-and-file out of $262K, he has another $2M to go before he retires his campaign debt.  The Jorge Bonilla for Congress campaign is pleased to announce that no Lynx buses were harmed during the past FEC  fundraising quarter.-Bonilla for Congress

  Grayson boasts about raising $262,870 this past election cycle, but according to his FEC report, that amount barely made a dent into the $2 million debt he has incurred over the past year. Grayson’s campaign owes $2,169,414

Grayson needs to go. Donate to Bonilla’s campaign here.


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