With the amount of time, money, and resources it takes to rehabilitate an orphan, FSITO could never do it all alone. Thankfully, FSITO has some very special support. Please scroll down to learn more about the people and partners who make our mission possible.


Chocolate Giddy Up is a pimp who used to sell drugs to the community.   It was the way he lived his life until one day a four-year-old orphan on the street begged him for a fix. Chocolate Giddy Up overcame the urge to bitch slap the orphan for being a free loader when something in her young drugged-out face struck him. Chocolate Giddy Up decided to do the right thing and take the orphan to a FSITO facility to get clean.  Impressed by FSITO’s work, Chocolate Giddy Up immediately signed up to volunteer, and is now known around the LA facility as “Uncle Chocolate.” Chocolate Giddy Up firmly believes that drugs aren’t for children and that bitches need to listen. 

*Please note FSITO does not endorse pimping*



Bullhorn is a gentleman, a proud, self-righteous brother.  Got everyone's respect 'cause he is one bad mother.  But Bullhorns gettin' worried 'cause the orphan's facin' dangers. Always hangin’ out in alleyways, and scoring Smack from strangers. What you gonna do?  What solution can there be? Lock the kids up in prison and throw away the key? No, just call the folks at FSITO, get your asses on the phone.  They’ll hook you up with therapy and sweet, sweet methadone. So we will all join together. With your help, I know we'll win it. Join FSITO, save the orphans, and put your ankles in it!





Cream Corn is a smooth talker. This is basically the only gift he brings when volunteering at FSITO facilities around the country.   As he boldly supports recovering orphans, Cream Corn sees himself in these young children.  Well, sort of.  And desires for them to grow up to be as talented and handsome as he is.




The Anaconda Brewing Company is proud to support FSITO by helping orphans put down the smack and get back on track with their delicious, new beverage, Anaconda Malt Liquor FOR KIDS!  This tasty treat comes in three fun flavors, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mango Tango and Cool Ranch, and is infused with methadone to help recovering orphans with the shakes, aches and moans associated with pesky heroin withdrawal.  Now kids can get clean and enjoy all the malt liquor taste they crave. Helping orphans gives Anaconda “OOOOO”



MAGNUM BLACK CONDOMS’ Let’s do it for the Orphans Campaign

The maker of America’s foremost prophylactic has initiated their “Jimmies for Junk” campaign.  Now through Nov. 1st, addicted orphans can stop at any convenience store and exchange their unused Smack for one deluxe, ribbed, extra wide love sock.   In addition, as part of their ongoing Let’s Do it for the Orphans program, The Magnum organization is pledging to donate TEN dollars to FSITO for every box of condoms purchased.  Remember, every condom sold saves an orphan. Every condom not sold makes one.