Fight Smack in the Orphanage (FSITO) was founded to combat the relentless plague of Smack, Junk, hopelessness, China White, disinterest and/or apathy, and Mexican Mud in American orphanages.  Our motto:  We care to fight because we fight to care.

At FSITO,  it is our mission to: 

  1. CREATE SMACK AWARENESS and provide Smack-related materials, including t-shirts, bumper stickers, key chains and temporary tattoos, all of which we hope will shine a light on one of this country’s most commonly ignored problems.
  2. ESTABLISH A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT that will supply counseling, support, nurturing, love, methadone, whatever spare change we have on hand, and understanding to our nation’s smacked up kids.
  3. STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE of addiction by saving Smack-addicted orphans from pushers while, in turn, saving the pushers from organized crime, saving organized crime from the drug cartels and, ultimately, saving the drug cartels from big government health care reform.
  4. PROMOTE OUR MASCOT Smacky the Squirrel, in schools, community centers, churches, halfway houses, soup kitchens, underpasses, overpasses, subway tunnels and, where applicable, Wendy's. (See official illustration below.)

FSITO truly believes and is confident that we stand a fair chance of possibly being able to thwart the spread of Smack throughout our nation’s orphanages.